Physician Practice Group Mergers & Acquisitions

Maintaining Line of Business (LOB) Systems During and After a Practice Group Merger One of the many details to be navigated when facilitating a merger (or acquisition) is with switching an entire group of doctors and their support staff over to a dissimilar Practice Management System (PMS). The additional time spent with installation, staff training

medical billing acronyms

Medical Billing Departments and ReMedics Acronyms

A Quick Guide to Our Billing Department Acronyms & Abbreviations For health systems, hospitals and practice group billing departments, there is an abundance of acronyms commonly used by providers, payers, clearinghouses, banks, technology vendors and outsourcing firms. There are dozens more associated with clinical care and diagnosis that are not included here. Let’s take a

Practice Management Systems Migration

Strategies for Maintaining PMS Billing Processes and Cash Flow Physician Practice Groups and other specialty providers put significant training, IT resources and investment into their Practice Management Systems (PMS). These applications include billing processes and reporting tools that are the backbone of being able to manage and measure the financial health of an organization. Since

Physician Group Business Process Outsourcing

BPO: An Alternative to Inefficient, Time Consuming Tasks ReMedics delivers fully integrated revenue cycle solutions and services that help to lower operational costs, increase staff productivity and optimize ROI. Our outsourced remittance and payment processing services eliminates paper and modernizes the payment cycle by eliminating manual work tasks associated with payment posting, check matching, document

Denial Management Reporting

Denial Management and Prevention Strategies

Creating Permanent Change in Revenue Cycle Management… Denials Then and Now In the early days of denial management, the flow of rejected payments or underpayments was typically dealt with as a reactionary defense measure. Using technology to improve data capture and other denial prevention strategies took a back seat to working the denials after they

Leveraging a Single Cash Management Platform

Providing a Centralized Location for All Payments, Denials and Reimbursements — Designed for Practice Aggregation Business Models The ReMedics’ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution offers a fully outsourced payment processing solution designed specifically for the physician aggregation business model. By leveraging a single cash management platform, ReMedics manages the data capture, parsing & batch balancing,

Steps to Improve the Revenue Cycle

Six Steps toward Revenue Cycle Improvements

Taking Control of Your Business Office and the Revenue Cycle Let’s face it, unstructured business content plagues practically every healthcare organization. It’s the content that resides outside your organization’s core systems and processes. For patient care, it’s the patient information – paper or electronic – that exists outside your EMR. In patient finance, it’s the

ReMedics Presenting at MGMA 2021 Pathways DX Conference

The Physician Aggregation Business Model: How to Maintain Your Practice’s Autonomy and Existing IT Infrastructure Through a Corporate Merger/Acquisition ReMedics is looking forward to our presentation titled “The Physician Aggregation Business Model: How to Maintain Your Practice’s Autonomy and Existing IT Infrastructure Through a Corporate Merger/Acquisition” The online event will be held on Wednesday, May 12,