Connecting Healthcare Systems

Building a Bridge to Connected Healthcare

Unifying Disparate Systems for Streamlining Operational Efficiency

ReMedics technology-driven partnerships enable us to deliver tailored revenue cycle services designed to increase payment processing efficiency, cash flow and profitability — for multiple divisions and business units using different Practice Management (PM) Systems and Clearinghouses. Their technology enables us to delivers sustainable financial results for Physician Practice Groups, MSOs and DSOs, processed to a single receiver with one Tax ID/EIN. 

RCMS, LLC — Automating Business Processes

One of those essential business partners is Revenue Cycle Management Solutions (RCMS, LLC). RCMS is a ReMedics sister company that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Process Automation (RBA) in order to enhance and automate workflow for a wide variety of claims and billing processes. They have worked with some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems in the country designing and implementing business process improvements in all areas of the revenue cycle. 

OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Another valued partner is Hyland OnBase for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). OnBase is an information platform used to capture, index and store data and images in one secure location. With the integration of OnBase, ReMedics provides a secure document imaging repository for relevant content, such as EOBs and Correspondence. The use of OnBase with ReMedics BPO services helps to reduce complexity in the IT environment by eliminating disconnected content silos. 

Advanced OCR/ICR™ Recognition — with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Capabilities 

For ReMedics Service Bureau efficiency, Advanced OCR/ICR™ capabilities are an essential component to removing time-consuming manual processes. We utilize OCR/ICR technology enhanced with machine learning capabilities, to digitally capture document information followed by a comprehensive data verification process. For paper-based remittance processing, Advanced OCR/ICR significantly reduces manual data entry requirements.

ReMedics Technology Benefits

Our Remittance Processing, Data Validation and Bank Reconciliation services wouldn’t be possible without the use of highly advanced, best-of-breed Data Capture, Document Imaging, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Workflow Automation technology. Some of the key benefits to these technologies include:

  • Enhanced solutions are integrated to existing platforms and services
  • Development tools to assist in creating systems integrations
  • Access to top-notch development and support team services
  • Customized processing solutions
  • Partner cost savings

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Photo courtesy of Pexels photography artist Jiawei Wen.