Revenue cycle exception worklists

Automated Exception Worklists for Increased Productivity and Cash Recovery  

Missing information and coding errors can be costing your organization significant time and lost revenue. With ReMedics co-shared business environment, our operations staff and your revenue cycle teams can quickly review exception-based errors and payment details. Our automated exception workisting tools and links to correct any issues are then presented in efficient work queues. Once a transaction has been repaired, the funds become eligible for transfer. With our data capture and workflow automation technology, worklist inquiries can include information such as: Batch Number; Patient Name; Check Number; Payment Amount; Facility Name; and Payor Name. 

Third Party Follow-Up

Accounts are tracked throughout the payment lifecycle, providing insight into where bottlenecks are occurring in claim generation and adjudication. By taking a proactive approach to AR management, processing delays are decreased, cash flows are increased, and overall cost to collect is reduced.

Self-Pay Follow-Up & Customer Service

With patient liabilities continuing to rise, it’s important to find ways to collect co-pays and deductibles earlier in the process. Worklists can automatically qualify accounts for proactive follow up, improving first-call resolution. We also decrease the time to collect patient payments by having immediate access to both clinical and financial data. 

A/R Collections Management

We maximize collections by capturing information from disparate systems and identifying bottlenecks at the various stages of reimbursement. By being proactive in account follow-up and having worklisting tools that can present financial and clinical data in a user-friendly solution, your organization’s Cost to Collect and Days in A/R can be significantly improved.

Denial Management

ReMedics quickly isolates medical claim denials/defects and prevent future re-occurrences. This increases cash flow and decreases process delays. By providing a complete record of all denials, with Power BI drill-down capabilities, we provide valuable insight into where errors are more likely to occur in your claim and billing processes. By taking a proactive approach to Denial Management, cash flows are increased, and overall cost to collect is reduced. See our Denial Prevention and Management page to learn more. 

Correspondence Management

By capturing and routing correspondence through rules-based workflows, items can be entered and worked faster, thereby reducing turn-times and increasing productivity. Links to correspondence are also used in our exception worklists.  The key is having a solution capable of capturing all correspondence in all forms and indexed properly to the patient record.

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