About ReMedics, LLC

Improving Financial Performance – Integrated with Existing LOB Systems 

For hospitals, health systems and medical practice groups, ReMedics provides a wide-range of reimbursement related solutions in support of system-wide or departmental revenue cycle initiatives. With information capture expertise, programming logic and workflow automation, our business process outsourcing services and technology experience work together to optimize resources that significantly improves financial performance. Seamlessly integrated with all major health information and document management systems, our solutions provide for best practice results while leveraging existing core technology and Line of Business (LOB) systems.

Business Process Outsourcing in a Multi-Submitter, Single Receiver Environment 

ReMedics’ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, combined with workflow automation and document management, offers a fully outsourced payment processing solution that significantly helps to facilitate practice aggregation business models. By leveraging a single cash management platform, ReMedics manages the data capture, parsing & batch balancing, validation, bank reconciliation & fund transfers for all types of remittance processing. In working with several EMR/PM systems and clearing houses for a consolidated entity, we refer to this as a multi-submitter, single receiver environment. 

Facilitating Practice Group Physician Integration and Mergers

JP Melvin Company

ReMedics is a trusted BPO services and technology partner of JP Melvin Company, LLC, a CPA and advisory firm in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. JPM has become a national leader in facilitating and guiding the integration of physician practice groups utilizing decades of experience in the healthcare industry. They have developed an integration model which provides doctors with the advantages of a large-scale group, while still retaining the autonomy and confidentiality of the individual practices they have built. 

Visit JP Melvin Company to learn more about their services for Practice Group Physician Integration and Mergers.

Connected Healthcare Savings for Medical Practice Group Consolidation 

The ReMedics Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform works seamlessly with your existing core applications to capture all necessary EOB, correspondence and payment information. We offer a wide variety of customized solutions to help with the integration, validation, automation, storage and reporting of financial data in ways that complement existing EMR and HIS vendor offerings. This is extremely beneficial toward developing successful, timely physician group consolidation.

ReMedics is uniquely positioned to support a multi-submitter, single-receiver business model that utilizes several EMR/PM vendors and EDI clearing houses to a single cash management platform . Our workflow technology and services are designed to optimize existing infrastructure and lower operating costs while driving increased productivity. Automated dashboards and scorecards provide management with up-to-date claim status and financial data to quickly analyze revenue streams for each business group.

Working with existing third-parties, ReMedics helps to merge several practice groups while maintaining autonomy at a business unit level… without the need to change EMR and PM systems.       

Our Third-Party Relationships Include:

    • Financial Institutions

    • Clearing Houses

    • Electronic Medical Record Systems

    • Practice Management Systems

    • CPAs & Physician Aggregation Consultants

Download our brochure Achieving Success with Practice Group Aggregation.

Optimizing Reimbursement and Cash Flow While Lowering Costs

Healthcare organizations lose millions each year in net revenue due to complicated reimbursement methodologies, regulatory issues, increasing patient payment responsibility, and growth in self pay or uninsured patients. Reallocating resources to improve financial performance however, can be daunting and requires people with a specific knowledge base in order to fix inadequate Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes. This is where ReMedics comes in. Once we understand your areas of need, we can deliver a tailored combination of Outsourced Services & Automated Workflow Solutions designed to optimize reimbursement and available cash flow. ReMedics solutions provide daily updates to your existing systems and arms staff with timely, accurate information.

The payoff? Faster reimbursements and cost savings because staff is no longer consumed by manual, error-prone processes. Reliable integration with existing infrastructure streamlines the flow of information throughout a department and across an entire enterprise.

Let’s talk about how we can deliver connected healthcare savings to your organization. Contact Us today to get started.

Download our brochure Achieving Success with Practice Group Aggregation.

RCMS — ECM & Workflow Solutions

ReMedics sister company and technology business partner, Revenue Cycle Management Solutions (RCMS, LLC), eliminates disparate silos of information and shares it across the enterprise, allowing for faster verification and reconciliation processes. Whether you’re implementing a single departmental solution or deploying several across an entire enterprise, ReMedics works with RCMS to help our customers with gaining operational efficiencies and implementing automated workflow solutions. 

Visit RCMS for additional Information.

Working for ReMedics — Open Positions

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