Systems Integration

Connecting Your Core Business Systems for Revenue Cycle Improvements

Many key players are involved in ensuring a smooth flow of claims from the Provider to the Payor as well as funds from the Payor back to each practice.  ReMedics is able to integrate deeply with each of these key solution providers which results in a complete solution for aggregated environments, providing the highest quality and accuracy of data processing for these complex multi-vendor environments. Strategic partnerships, along with the best-in-class technology, enable us to deliver fully integrated patient financial management solutions and BPO services that help to lower operational costs, increase staff productivity and optimize your return on investment.

System Migration & Conversion

The Claims Management, Practice Management System and its Billing Application are the backbone of being able to manage and measure the financial health of an organization. Since significant effort, training and investment has gone into these core systems, ReMedics minimizes the disruption to them. Our solutions also provide for simpler processes in migrating data from one system to another.  If you’re planning to change your Practice Management System, ReMedics can work with your IT team to make that conversion much easier. We can help you to develop an implementation strategy that cuts over all business units at the same time — or a strategy that plans for phased implementation. Because ReMedics is system agnostic and we are experienced in working with multiple EMR and PM systems to a single cash management platform, clients can be confident that their new system is working properly before completely cutting over. This minimizes risk to cash flow and maintains accurate reporting for each business unit throughout the entire process. 

System Interfaces and Payment Linkers

ReMedics proprietary interfaces take all the data received into our payment validation editor. Once accepted and all conditions are met, we automatically post to your AR system. Individual accounts are electronically accessed and appropriate funds are applied to each business units (or facility) and to the patient account with itemized detail. As a result, our Reporting & Analytics tools provide management with timely payment status by Payor, Facility, Business Group, Batch Number, Deposit Date, Posting Date and other valuable data that helps to improve the revenue cycle.  

ReMedics Model Advantages:

    • Clients can maintain existing LOB Systems
    • Receive ERA files for all payors/providers, including those that only provide paper
    • Normalize 835 & 837 data across payors and providers
    • Ability to support system specific data requirements
    • Provide other solution offerings to augment functionality: such as Denial Management, Payment Rate Verification, AR Worklists, Appeals and Grievances, etc.
    • Integration history with over 40 Claims and Practice Management systems, including home-grown systems
    • Easily migrate data and convert to new line of business systems 

Financial Institutions

Banks provide several key services in the Revenue Cycle, starting with being the recipient of funds as well as EOBs and Correspondence via lockbox services.  Selecting a capable partner is crucial to ensuring that the capture process starts smoothly.  Banks partner with us to offer healthcare customers the capability to streamline and accelerate the payment posting processes.

ReMedics Model Advantage:

    • Utilize a single Corporate Bank account to track all incoming deposits
    • Utilize a Corporate Lockbox for centralized EOB, Claim & Correspondence capture
    • Practices can maintain existing Banking relationships and accounts
    • Experience with dozens of banks at both national and regional levels


Between forwarding claim information and receiving payments from insurance companies, clearing houses are integral to healthcare providers. They can now offer, along with their other services, automated processes for posting all types of payments including: Insurance payments, patient payments, legal reimbursements, clinical trial payments, and others.

ReMedics Model Advantage:

    • Clearinghouse agnostic solution to leverage existing relationships
    • Support a Multiple Submitter, Single Receiver approach for complex provider environments
    • Utilize a single Corporate Receiver for incoming electronic remittance advice (ERA)
    • Practices can maintain existing Clearinghouse relationships for submission
    • Workflow solutions for both Eligibility (270 / 271) and Claims Status (276 / 277) Inquiry and Response transactions


There are many aspects of a Payor relationship which impact the bottom line of a healthcare provider.  ReMedics is able to reduce some of the barriers that typically exist when dealing with the payor community, including inconsistent ERA/EOB delivery, co-mingled remittances and funds re-association challenges, as well as other payor workflow management solutions.

ReMedics Model Advantage:

    • Properly handle the breakdown of remits for each division on a claim-by-claim basis
    • Additional data validation by ReMedics to provide ‘missing’ data from Payors
    • Ability to allocate Provider Level Adjustments to individual divisions
    • Convert paper to 835 conversion services
    • Provide re-association services regardless of inbound formats (ACH, Check, ERA, EOB)
    • Experience with national and regional payors, including various Workers Compensation payors
    • Appeal and Grievances management solutions
    • Credentialing workflow solutions