Medical Coding Errors

Being Proactive with Claim Errors

Efficiently Repairing Exception-Based Claim Errors

Claim errors and missing information in patient billing can cost your organization valuable time and lost revenue. Identifying errors that cause delays in posting payments and getting them efficiently corrected is vital to financial performance.

With ReMedics exception-based worklisting tools, we use over 200 customized data validation rules to automatically recognize inaccuracies and route those exceptions to an appropriate work queue. ReMedics and/or the client’s Revenue Cycle Team can then quickly review any questionable data or omitted details to efficiently make corrections. We also provide access to ERA correspondence, decreasing the amount of time necessary to search for claim documentation.

By identifying errors and taking decisive actions early in the payment lifecycle, staff can focus more of their time on true denials, billing, collections and customer service.

Worklists for A/R Management

We maximize A/R collections by capturing information from multiple Line of Business (LOB) systems, then report on those obstacles delaying reimbursement. With our co-shared Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services and automated worklists, follow-up teams have efficient, user-friendly tools to reduce your organization’s cost to collect and lower days in A/R.

Improving Cash Flow with ReMedics 

Leveraging a single cash management platform called ReSolve®, ReMedics can help to ensure a continuous flow of claims to the payors. We excel at helping to facilitate growth in complex, multi-system practices and MSOs with business unit autonomy. Contact ReMedics today to learn how we can help to improve your cash flow.