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Physician Practice Group Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing: Integrated with Existing PM Systems ReMedics delivers fully integrated revenue cycle solutions and services that help to lower operational costs, increase staff productivity and optimize ROI. Our outsourced services, integrated with existing Practice Management (PM) Systems, modernizes the business office by eliminating manual processes associated with payment posting, check matching, document retrieval,

Healthcare Extended Business Services

Outsourced Solutions for Accelerating Cash Flow

Applying Technology + Systems Integration to Extended Business Office Solutions  For healthcare providers who are experiencing staffing shortages and/or bottlenecks in various stages of their revenue cycle, it may be worth investigating Extended Business Office (EBO) options. Identifying the right vendor, however, for your specific needs is critical to making the transition (to outsourcing) as

ReMedics Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (RCO)

ReMedics Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (RCO) Services and Technology

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing: Pursuing Cash Flow Stability, Scalability and Workflow Efficiency  Many of today’s physician practice groups and hospitals face numerous revenue cycle issues, including lower reimbursement rates, inconsistent cash flow, staffing challenges, and time-consuming claim denial processes. It’s been estimated that hospitals lose $68 billion each year due to billing errors alone. The challenges