Advanced OCR/ICR for Data Conversion

Advanced OCR/ICR Solutions for Automated Data Extraction & Conversion Utilizing OCR/ICR with Extensive Rules-based, Machine Learning Techniques With a sizable number of insurance payers still sending paper documents to healthcare providers, ReMedics helps our clients to convert their paper EOBs to ANSI standard 835 electronic files. One of the many technology tools that ReMedics uses

Eliminating Paper Documents for Post-Encounter Billing Processes

Capturing Your Paper EOB’s and Correspondence Document Capture, Indexing & Retrieval With the ReMedics Document Management Portal, accounting personnel can quickly search and retrieve EOB and correspondence files by Patient Last Name, Check Number, Invoice Date, Paid Amount and many other “wildcard” options to easily identify any missing information needed for posting. By providing staff

ReMedics EOB Infographic

OCR Data Extraction: Converting Paper EOBs to 835 ERAs

Converting EOBs to 835 Electronic Remittance Advices Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in its simplest form is the process whereby a paper document is scanned and the image is captured for processing data into a specific application, such as paper-based EOBs. The text is extracted from an image and converted into machine readable data (as 835

Correspondence Document Management Made Easy

Correspondence Document Management

Correspondence Management and Workflow Efficiency For healthcare provider organizations, unstructured content exists in a wide variety of file types and sources of information. Being able to quickly retrieve lockbox correspondence, indexed to the patient, can play a critical role in how fast your claims get paid, delayed or denied due to missing or inaccurate data.