Correspondence Document Management Made Easy

Correspondence Document Management

Correspondence Management and Workflow Efficiency

For healthcare provider organizations, unstructured content exists in a wide variety of file types and sources of information. Being able to quickly retrieve lockbox correspondence, indexed to the patient, can play a critical role in how fast your claims get paid, delayed or denied due to missing or inaccurate data.  By automating the capture and indexing of this documentation, the ability to identify missing information or to correct potential payment processing errors becomes much easier. With ReMedics Document Management for Correspondence, web-based files can be retrieved by Patient Last Name, Check Number, Invoice Date, Paid Amount and other search criteria to easily identify any relevant information needed for payment posting.

Automated Workflow and Exception Worklists

By capturing and routing correspondence documentation through automated workflows, lockbox items that are captured and processed are then used by ReMedics for data verification, as well as being be assigned to a variety of exception worklists. These worklists include links to the electronic documents in a web-based portal that provide for increased efficiency with payment posting, collections, follow up activity and denial management

Complex Business Environments

Where multiple Practice Management Systems, Clearinghouses, and Banks are being used, we provide a multi-submitter, single receiver Cash Management Solution for processing all payments to a corporate account and Tax ID/EIN. We enhance the capture of all payments (electronic & paper) from multiple lockboxes, including self-pay, adjustments, zero pays and comments. These services also facilitate the distribution of funds and a more strategic, planned transition with practice group mergers and acquisitions. 

Creating Permanent Revenue Cycle Improvements 

Our comprehensive BPO services are designed to identify specific areas of need where process inefficiencies can be significantly improved. With advanced data and image capture technology, including check matching for accurate payment posting and reconciliation, ReMedics provides workflow processes that result in permanent efficiency gains and revenue cycle improvements. Contact ReMedics online or call 440-671-7700.