Unlocking Revenue Potential with Real-Time Data, Analytics & Scorecards

ReMedics Reporting & Data Analytics is a by-product of our revenue cycle workflows, providing a centralized location to obtain details on all payments, denial/defects, co-pays, deductibles, contractual allowances, and more. We integrate with your existing clearinghouse(s), patient accounting systems/EMR and banking partners, reducing organizational IT spend while maintaining system-wide business group autonomy. 

By providing reporting, drill-down data analytics, pivot charts and scorecards, managers and executives can quickly identify hidden trends, isolate problem areas and ensure they have an up-to-the-minute view of their revenue cycle operations. The result is in more efficient billing and accounts receivable processes – with improved accuracy in revenue being reported by each business unit.

Practice Group Reporting and Analytics Benefits:

• Easily define report parameters, minimizing the need for IT support
• Automatic scheduling and distribution
• User-definable filters, sorts, and grouping
• Interactive drill-down and roll-up capability
• Data visualization capability
• Trending data by Payors, Divisions, Providers… and more!

Reporting Scorecards

Practice Group Denial Management Scorecard

Our Denials Scorecard provides a real-time analysis of denial details and trends. Customized to your practice needs, this report shows denials by facility, payors, denials types, denial category, dollars by denial type, last activity and much more.

Practice Group Financials Scorecards

ReMedics Financial Scorecards provide a detailed analysis of your cash posting by day or date range. This customized report also displays top 10 posting and validation errors that help you make necessary changes to increase productivity and accelerate cash.

ReMedics Reporting & Data Analytics help to unlock the potential of the extensive data generated as a result of revenue cycle processes and workflows. We help our clients to visualize real-time data, while  minimizing the need for IT support. Let’s talk about how we can deliver detailed financial reporting and analytics to your organization. Contact Us today to get started.