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Improving Revenue Cycle Processes with RPA

Improving Revenue Cycle Processes with RPA and Machine Learning Technology

Streamlining Today’s RCM Challenges

Are you looking to modernize and improve your revenue cycle with automation? With ReMedics as your Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and technology partner, those goals can be achieved within a matter of months. Combined with AI and machine learning capabilities, ReMedics uses Robotics Process Automation (RPA) in our Operations Group to create streamlined workflows where the need for manual processes and human intervention can be significantly minimized.

Using RPA in revenue cycle applications, such as remittance processing, data verification and bank reconciliation, ReMedics can reduce those errors typically found in medical billing by mapping interactions between traditional data entry tasks and core information systems. This includes the use of all ANSI 837 (claims) and ANSI 835 (payment) information, reconciled to bank deposits. Our ability to leverage machine learning technology scrubs and cleanses your data, corrects common claim errors, recognizes exceptions, accounts for PLB adjustments and creates automated, efficient work queues for identifying and entering missing information.

Benefits of ReMedics Outsourced Services and Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Whether you’re a growing Physician Practice Group or a multi-state MSO billing from multiple Practice Management (PM) Systems, our use of RPA and machine learning technology can provide substantial opportunities for creating permanent revenue cycle improvements, including:

  • Improved accuracy over redundant manual data entry
  • Unattended and attended payment processing applications
  • Automated repetitive tasks in conjunction with AI and machine learning
  • Reduced denials by identifying common claim errors  
  • A more productive staff, focused on high-value work
  • Ability to move data across multiple Practice Management (PM) Systems and other applications
  • Connecting disparate systems where APIs don’t exist
  • Data is efficiently stored for auditing and regulatory requirements
  • Automated processes can adjust and scale to changes in underlying systems

Working with ReMedics 

Contact ReMedics online or call 440-671-7700 to talk about how our use of RPA technology can help your organization to improve your revenue cycle, reduce manual errors, manage denials and increase cash.