Single Cash Management Solutions

Supporting Multiple Divisions, PM Systems & Clearinghouses – to a Single Receiver Maintaining Current Practice Management IT Investments Physician Practice Groups and Management Services Organizations (MSOs) put significant resources and investment into their Practice Management (PM) Systems. These core business applications include billing processes and reporting tools that are vital to the financial health of

Preventing Actual Denials in Healthcare

Managing Actual Denials as Quickly and Efficiently as Possible

Providing the Tools to Maximize Staff Resources, Decrease Denials and Increase Cash Collections  Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is one of the most complex, ever changing dynamic industries in the USA. Denials are a line of business for the insurance companies, so you need experts and/or expertly designed technology allowing you to impact actual denials

Core Principles of Cash Management

The Core Principles of Cash Management  

ReMedics Core Principles of Cash Management   Many of today’s automated solutions still generate a significant percentage of payment exceptions and defects. ReMedics specializes in revenue cycle optimization and the prevention of reimbursement delays with the use of AI, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). With these technologies, ReMedics ensures that correct

ReMedics Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (RCO)

ReMedics Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (RCO) Services and Technology

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing: Pursuing Cash Flow Stability, Scalability and Workflow Efficiency  Many of today’s physician practice groups and hospitals face numerous revenue cycle issues, including lower reimbursement rates, inconsistent cash flow, staffing challenges, and time-consuming claim denial processes. It’s been estimated that hospitals lose $68 billion each year due to billing errors alone. The challenges

Provider Level Adjustments (PLB)

Provider Level Adjustments (PLBs) in a Multi-Practice Group Environment

Identifying and Re-Associating PLBs The following is an excerpt from our client support newsletter called “A Closer Look”, which provides helpful information in dealing with common payment processing, denial/defect and reconciliation issues. This particular article looked into the complexities associated with Provider Level Balance Adjustments (aka PLBs). If you would like to know more about

Robotics Process Automation for Healthcare

Minimizing Human Intervention with Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Using RPA in Revenue Cycle Applications Can RPA improve your revenue cycle? The quick answer is definitely yes, with the right technology and experienced systems integration partner.  A subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ReMedics uses Robotics Process Automation (RPA) in our Operations Group to create streamlined workflows where the need for human intervention is minimized