Healthcare Treasury Bank Reconciliation

End-to-End Payment Reconciliation and Audit Controls

ReMedics turns payment reconciliation into an automated workflow for the processing of all claims that don’t require human intervention. We start with ensuring remittances are not applied to the practice management system until corresponding funds have been deposited to your bank account — and end with detailed reporting that confirms all funds have been recorded to their respective business units.

Single System Tracking and Review Across Multiple Business Units

Our system automates deposit imports, tracking and reconciling cash with single system tracking across all business units. A highly configurable user interface provides staff with the ability to select their reconciliation work criteria to resolve any system errors — or to apply specific remit codes for quick review and correction.

Bank Deposit Segmentation and Reporting 

Reconciliation of all lockbox remittances are completed through ReMedics’ Treasury Reconciliation solution whereby your bank deposits are segmented by division or business unit, balanced and reconciled daily for divisional and corporate-wide groups. Reporting becomes a bi-product of the workflow providing a centralized location to obtain details on all payments, denial/defects, co-pays, deductibles and contractual allowances. In return, your practice group reduces organizational IT spend and maintains system-wide practice autonomy.

Normalized 835 Files

ReMedics works with your banking institutions through both retail and wholesale lockboxes for payment consolidation and document capture of paper remittances. Once processed, ReMedics provides normalized 835 files for direct integration to your practice management systems in a multi-submitter, single receiver environment. Contact ReMedics to see how we help to automate your payment posting, banking reconciliation and other treasury functions.