Single Cash Management Solutions

Supporting Multiple Divisions, PM Systems & Clearinghouses – to a Single Receiver

Maintaining Current Practice Management IT Investments

Physician Practice Groups and Management Services Organizations (MSOs) put significant resources and investment into their Practice Management (PM) Systems. These core business applications include billing processes and reporting tools that are vital to the financial health of an organization. So, what do you do when a merger or acquisition results in having two, three or more different PM Systems among the independent groups? Since significant effort has gone into the use of these systems, ReMedics services are designed to minimize any disruption to using them — regardless of whether or not there will be any impending operational changes. 

Working in a Multi-Host System Environment

If you’re looking to maintain practice group autonomy (with M&A activity) while reporting all revenue to a corporate account, then you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we facilitate co-mingled ERA processing for the majority of our clients. ReMedics is system agnostic and highly experienced in working with multiple PM Systems that require the use of advanced splitting/parsing capabilities. We also work with clients using multiple Tax ID/EINs and NPIs. 

With the use of a single cash management solution in a co-shared processing model, clients can be confident that their  individual accounts are being maintained and that appropriate funds are being applied to each business unit or division. We also automate the process of itemized detail being updated to the proper PM System and patient account. This minimizes risk to cash flow and maintains accurate reporting for each practice group.

Systematic Migration Strategies to a Common Platform

If you’re planning to change all of the PM Systems in your organization to a common platform, ReMedics can work with your HIS Vendors, Banks and Clearinghouses to make the conversion more successful. We can also help you to develop a migration strategy that cuts across all business units at the same time — or to implement a plan that schedules the migration in phases. This can be done by individual groups, by specialty, or by geographic locations. 

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ReMedics is experienced in working with all major EMR/PM Systems and with multi-system business models. If you want to learn more about how ReMedics can help with planning for a more successful merger & acquisition strategy, Contact Us online — or call 440-671-7700.