BPO Payment Processing Services

Revenue Cycle Business Process Outsourcing  

From Lockbox Payment Processing to Bank Reconciliation and Funds Distribution, ReMedics can assist you with a variety of customized revenue cycle outsourcing services. ReMedics also ensures that correct information is applied to your patient accounting system by cleansing the data prior to upload. Our proprietary rules-based technology scrubs ANSI 835 payment data before it’s submitted for posting, significantly reducing defects that can lead to denials. We offer a unique blend of services + technology benefits, including:

  • Solutions for fully outsourced Payment Processing across all healthcare delivery networks, including Physician Groups; Hospitals; MSOs; DSOs; and Eye Care Networks
  • Extensive experience with high volumes of medical claims & remittance advice, following all HIPAA compliant regulations
  • Systems integration expertise, providing documents and electronic files to your core line of business (LOB) systems
  • Secure chain of custody is provided throughout the life cycle of your documentation
  • Best of breed Document Management Platform and workflow automation technology
  • Decades of experience with high-speed scanning equipment, optical character recognition (OCR) and QA procedures
  • Data entry staff available to read and repair hand-written notations and/or unrecognizable characters
  • Cloud-based document storage and indexing of all correspondence with advanced search capabilities
  • Custom solutions for designing and implementing streamlined workflow processes
  • Data conversion and database specialists that can deliver files in multiple formats to multiple systems
  • Significant experience in working with lockbox applications, banks and clearinghouses
  • US-based staff and customer support

Outsourced Revenue Cycle BPO Services

Are you looking to outsource some or all of your redundant, time-consuming work tasks? We can develop a provisional Cost/Benefit Analysis of any proposed services and/or technology solutions. Talk to us about your specific revenue cycle needs to see how we can help.