Proactive Follow Up in the Revenue Cycle

Automating and Improving Collection and Follow-Up Activities  

Revenue improvements can take place by making incremental changes in many different RCM areas — from Patient Registration and Remittance Processing, all the way through to Collections. In this article, we focus on automating and improving collection and follow up activities. With patient liabilities continuing to rise, it’s important to find ways to collect as early as possible. And by incorporating workflow automation into your revenue cycle process, we can dramatically increase productivity, reduce days in AR and increase cash recoveries.

With our remittance processing services and systems integration capabilities, ReMedics can help to improve first-call resolution and time to collect by providing access to a variety of patient and financial data, in addition to document images such as EOBs and correspondence. Our proprietary software also generates worklists that identify accounts needing follow up. These Exception Worklisting Tools are updated daily and integrated with a document management system. Images are indexed to the patient account and retrievable through links in the worklist. For customer service representatives, this capability provides a powerful AR Management tool for efficient corrections to a claim, follow up activities and patient communications.        

Proactive Revenue Cycle Management Improvements

By taking a proactive approach to AR management, processing delays are decreased, cash flow is increased, and overall cost to collect is reduced. We maximize collections by capturing information from disparate systems and identifying bottlenecks at the various stages of reimbursement. Automation is achieved through seamless integration of account comments and other financial transactions, further promoting information sharing throughout your organization. 

Whenever possible, ReMedics also ensures that correct information is applied to the patient accounting system by cleansing data prior to upload. A configurable rules-based engine scrubs ANSI 835 payment data before it’s submitted to the Practice Management System. ReMedics also provides detailed Reporting & Analytics with dashboards and scorecards, used by our clients for implementing permanent revenue cycle improvements.

Utilizing patient and payment information, we can help to improve many different areas of need. Talk to ReMedics about improving revenue cycle management processes for your organization. Contact us online — or call 440-671-7700.