Delivering a Tailored Combination of Services & Technology

Tailored Solutions for Optimizing Reimbursement and Cash Flow

Improving Financial Performance – Integrated with Existing EMR/PM Systems

Healthcare organizations lose millions each year in net revenue due to complicated reimbursement methodologies, regulatory issues, increasing patient payment responsibility, and growth in self pay or uninsured patients. Reallocating resources to improve financial performance however, can be daunting and requires people with a specific knowledge base in order to fix inadequate processes. While there are many different technology and/or BPO vendors that provide revenue cycle services to practice groups, a ‘one size fits all’ solution rarely meets the needs of every organization. This is where ReMedics provides its clients with a unique, tailored combination of outsourced services, systems integration expertise, automated workflow technology, and document capture capabilities to improve every aspect of reimbursement.

We work seamlessly with your existing core applications to capture all necessary EOB, correspondence and payment information. We offer a wide variety of customized solutions to help with the integration, validation, automation, storage and reporting of financial data in ways that complement existing EMR & PM Systems — leveraging your current technology investments.

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With decades of data validation, workflow automation and systems integration experience, ReMedics can work in conjunction with any major Practice Management (PM) System, EMR or Billing application. Contact ReMedics to schedule a free Cost Benefit/ROI Analysis for creating permanent revenue cycle improvements in your organization.