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Case Study | Merging Practice Groups with Multiple PM Systems

Case Study Preview: A Collaboration of ENT Practice Groups 

A new case study published by ReMedics features a collaboration of four ENT Physician Groups that treat over 20,000 patients a year. They currently have over a dozen combined locations, providing comprehensive medical and surgical care. The individual practice groups desired to maintain their business autonomy, and to continue using their existing Practice Management (PM) systems, while operating under a single tax ID.

In order to accomplish these objectives, ReMedics provided a Single Cash Management Solution to accurately capture all claim, remittance, and bank reconciliation data for each PM system and multiple clearinghouses. This also included capturing all lockbox correspondence being provided to the client in a ReMedics hosted content management system.

As a result of ReMedics workflow automation processes and systems integration capabilities, the client is realizing consistent cash flow, accurate financial reporting, and efficient funds distribution for each group. This growing practice can now quickly onboard new business units — with their existing Practice Management system. When business needs change, ReMedics can help this client transition to a common platform through a planned systems migration.

Case Study ENT Practice Merger

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