Parsing EDI payment transactions for reconciliation

Case Study | Parsing EDI Payments for Distribution

Case Study Preview: Automated Parsing of EDI Transactions

A new case study published by ReMedics features a podiatry practice group with over 100 board certified podiatrists and a network of approximately 80 office locations. The client was receiving EDI transaction payments for multiple business units/divisions within a single ERA file from their Clearinghouse. Further complicating matters, each practice was being migrated to a new Practice Management platform. They also had a requirement to automate the splitting of payments processed without having matching claim data.

Using advanced data capture and Business Process Automation (BPA) technology, ReMedics was able to ensure that all updated and re-balanced payment files were distributed to each business unit on a daily basis — and reconciled back to the check and original 835 file received from the Clearinghouse. As a result, this podiatry client no longer has to split and transfer payments “downstream” for each business unit, resulting in more timely and consistent cash flow. We were also able to deliver daily payment balancing and posting reports to assist the client with distribution, reconciliation, and identification of processed work.

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