ReMedics EDI Parsing and Segmenting Services

Parsing and Segmenting Co-Mingled Remittances

EDI Parsing and Segmenting Services For Health Systems and Physician Practice Groups needing to post payments for different divisions, locations or business units through separate billing systems, ReMedics specializes in working with remittances containing multiple Tax ID/EINs and NPIs in a multi-submitter, single receiver business environment. With the use of workflow automation and AI, powered

Supporting Multi-Submitter Clearinghouse Accounts

Maintaining Your Clearinghouse & Banking Relationships  Our client’s Clearinghouses and Banks play an important role in how medical claims are submitted and how insurance payors provide reimbursement back to the physician group. Clearinghouse services go beyond just claim submission and remediation. Their services can also include eligibility and benefits checking, referral authorization, and claims status

Parsing EDI payment transactions for reconciliation

Case Study | Parsing EDI Payments for Distribution

Case Study Preview: Automated Parsing of EDI Transactions A new case study published by ReMedics features a podiatry practice group with over 100 board certified podiatrists and a network of approximately 80 office locations. The client was receiving EDI transaction payments for multiple business units/divisions within a single ERA file from their Clearinghouse. Further complicating