ReMedics EDI Parsing and Segmenting Services

Parsing and Segmenting Co-Mingled Remittances

EDI Parsing and Segmenting Services

For Health Systems and Physician Practice Groups needing to post payments for different divisions, locations or business units through separate billing systems, ReMedics specializes in working with remittances containing multiple Tax ID/EINs and NPIs in a multi-submitter, single receiver business environment. With the use of workflow automation and AI, powered by RCMS ReSolve®, co-mingled remittance files are captured, ingested, and matched against corresponding bank deposits. When applicable, ReMedics also matches remittances to their associated ANSI 837 claim feeds. 

Balanced and Reconciled to the Original Batch and Deposit

Once the data has been matched, validated and reconciled to the batch/check/deposit totals, ReMedics parses/splits and segments the data to the corresponding host billing system/clearinghouse by TIN/NPI/HAR for posting and reporting purposes; all while ensuring the parsed data balances and reconciles back to the originating batch/check/deposit.

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Processing for Multiple Bank Accounts & Clearinghouses

ReMedics can also capture and process data from multiple bank accounts and multiple clearinghouses, with each deposited item associated to its corresponding account and/or lockbox. With our services, bank deposits are segmented by entity/facility/business unit/division, etc., then re-balanced and reconciled daily at all levels including the enterprise level. ReMedics also provides a separate electronic 835 ERA file and corresponding reports for any transactions that do not qualify for a pre-defined entity.

Working with ReMedics & RCMS ReSolve®* 

Through custom configuration and multi-level splitting logic contained within the ReSolve® processing solution, corresponding payments are efficiently assigned to the appropriate EMR or PM system. Contact ReMedics today to learn more about our remittance processing services, EDI splitting, and workflow automation capabilities. Contact us online — or call 440-671-7700.

*RCMS, LLC is the technology sister company of ReMedics with common ownership. ReSolve® is a registered service mark of RCMS with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).