Revenue Cycle Management Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation and Revenue Cycle Management

Improving the Revenue Cycle with Workflow Automation

Solutions for Departmental or System-Wide Needs

As providers and health systems attempt to make improvements in their revenue cycle, not everyone experiences the exact same problems where the need for a solution becomes a priority. From patient registration through bank reconciliation, there are numerous areas in patient finance and accounts receivables (A/R) where problems occur — often requiring manual intervention. In most cases, however, automated workflow solutions can be implemented to solve a recurring department or system-wide problem.

Information Silos and Systems Integration

Disconnected information silos are a common contributor to revenue cycle errors, causing delays in billing, data validation, insurance verification, and other A/R management processes. That’s where systems integration and workflow automation technology can work together in solving specific, targeted issues.

Customized Solutions and Multi-System Environments

If you’re experiencing a revenue cycle management process in need of improvement, ReMedics and its technology sister company, RCMS, LLC may be able to identify an existing workflow automation solution that can be implemented to solve your specific problem. With ReMedics, our BPO Teams utilize workflow automation in our day-to-day operations so that we can process over 180 customized data validation rules, allowing clients to post payments more accurately and efficiently. With RCMS, multi-hospital Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) utilize our automated solutions to connect their document management platform and host billing system(s) to patient accounts in order to create efficiencies with processing exceptions, denials and collections. These are just a couple of examples of how revenue cycle management can benefit from purpose-built workflow solutions that can also include: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Robotic Process Automation (RPA); and Business Process Management (BPM).

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Workflow automation continues to lead the charge in creating permanent revenue cycle management solutions. Talk to us about scheduling a discovery call. Once we have more information about your existing systems, processes and workflow needs, our goal is to provide a recommended solution with a detailed Cost/Benefit Analysis. Contact us today to get started.