Automated EDI Splitting

Segmenting EDI for Payment Processing

Keep Cash Moving with Automated EDI Splitting

For healthcare providers with multiple business units needing to split large, co-mingled EDI payments, the task can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This delays payments, adds more work downstream, and ultimately affects cash flow.

With many of ReMedics clients, a proprietary EDI Splitter application is utilized to automate the segmenting of payment information by check, claim count, batch size, practice group or type of service. This type of splitting, or parsing, enables automated workflows that we customized to each client’s payment posting and financial reporting requirements.

Once segmented, payments are imported to an automated scheduling function. 

Minimizing Posting Exceptions & Kick Outs

Once imported, our data capture application automatically identifies each transaction and allocates them into the appropriate work-queue. Using over 180 validation rules, ReMedics scrubs the data for accuracy and missing information. Check matching is also utilized to verify ACH/Lockbox deposits prior to releasing a transaction for posting. This data validation and check matching process minimizes posting exceptions & kick outs.

Outsourced Remittance Processing and Lower Operational Costs

ReMedics delivers fully integrated revenue cycle services that help to lower operational costs, increase staff productivity and optimize ROI. Let’s talk about how our unique combination of remittance processing services, EDI splitting, and workflow automation capabilities can work for you. Contact us online — or call 440-671-7700.