Exception Worklists

Exception-Based Work Queues for Improved Efficiency

Automated Exception-Based Work Queues Improve Customer Service, A/R Collections, Denials and Appeals Management 

ReMedics utilizes workflow automation technology to automate the creation of exception-based work queues, significantly improving staff efficiency for common Customer Service and A/R functions. These exception worklists and work queues are auto-generated to improve specific areas of need, such as: appeals; denial management; secondary billing; audit requests; collection-based activities and many other tasks. By incorporating workflow automation into the Revenue Cycle and Customer Service process, we can dramatically increase productivity, reduce days in AR and increase cash recoveries. Below are just a few examples of how ReMedics improves on AR Management and Cash Flow with Exception-Based Worklists and Work Queues

Correspondence Management

We capture and route correspondence through rules-based workflows, whereby items can be retrieved, entered and worked faster. This reduces turn-times and increases productivity, helping to improve patient satisfaction while reducing callbacks.

Third Party Follow-Up

ReMedics provides a complete record of all outstanding payments and denial history. Accounts are tracked through the payment lifecycle, providing insight into where bottlenecks are occurring in claim generation and adjudication.

Self-Pay Follow-Up & Customer Service

Our exception work queues increase first-call resolution rates and time to collect by having immediate access to clinical and financial data from the Hospital and Physician Group Practice Management Systems.

A/R Collections Management

We maximize collections by capturing information from disparate systems, while also identifying bottlenecks at various stages of reimbursement. Automation is achieved through seamless integration of account comments and other financial transactions within host billing system.

Denial & Appeals Management

Denied claims are automatically captured and routed to the appropriate staff or department, facilitating timely and effective follow-up. ReMedics also isolates claim defects, preventing future re-occurrences. This increases cash flow and decreases process delays. 

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