Using Analytics for Denial Management

Our Executive Team Talks About Using Analytics to Prevent Claim Errors

ReMedics Talks – Part Two of a Series 

Subject: Using Automated Data Validation Processes and Analytics to Prevent Claim Errors and to Identify the Root Cause of Recurring Denials

Claim denials greatly impact the revenue cycle by delaying or reducing payments from payors to providers. And while denials can cause a significant amount of revenue loss, most of them can be avoided. In this two-minute video, our management team talks about automating data validation processes and the use of analytics to identify the root cause of denials and claim defects.

Missing information and/or improperly coded claims is simply a mechanism in the payors programming language to reject a claim. Once data is captured (EDI or paper) in the ReMedics system, we apply over 200 client customized rules to find potential cash application errors before posting and routing those errors back to work queues for correction.

With detailed reporting & analytical tools, ReMedics also provides operational insights that improve all areas of the revenue cycle. If denials do happen, then we then provide our clients with the right workflow efficiency tools to quickly get them appealed and resolved.

Visit our About ReMedics Denial Prevention and Denial Management page at to learn more about creating efficiency in your billing office and operational insights for improved efficiency and reimbursement.  

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