Denial Management Trends and Analysis

Identifying Hidden Trends in Your Posting Data

Analyzing Trends for Permanent Revenue Cycle Improvements  

Having an accurate view of your daily billing and posting data is just one step in effectively managing revenue cycle improvement processes. Looking at historical and current data over a longer period of time, however, can help to identify hidden trends where revenue and/or cash flow could be enhanced.

ReMedics applies Microsoft SSRS and Power BI data visualization tools tools to produce two dimensional reporting and robust scorecard analysis. These reporting tools can be used to isolate problem areas and help to create permanent change in processes, personnel or technology. One example would be with managing denials. By identifying the source of each denied claim, our system provides management with valuable information to resolve the root cause of the denials/defects, thereby reducing the initial denial rate of future claims. Preventing claim denials with automated solutions before submission to a payer helps to reduce re-submissions and increases staff efficiency.     

Providing True Process Improvements

In addition to our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, ReMedics Reporting & Analytics provides vital reporting capabilities with data modeling, reporting and dashboarding.  By utilizing patient and payment information within our proprietary remittance processing and reconciliation technology, we can help to improve areas of need that may have been overlooked. Talk to ReMedics about detailed financial reporting and analytics for your organization. Contact us online — or call 440-671-7700.