Using a Single Cash Management Platform

Strategies for Maintaining Billing Processes and Cash Flow

Physician Practice Groups, MSOs and DSOs put significant training, IT resources and investment into their Practice Management (PM) Systems. These applications include billing processes and reporting tools that are the backbone of being able to manage and measure the financial health of an organization. Since significant effort has gone into these core business systems, ReMedics minimizes the disruption to them. 

Connecting Multiple Systems to a Single Cash Management Platform

Because ReMedics is system agnostic and we are experienced in working with multiple PMS systems to a single cash management platform, clients can be confident that their new system is working properly before completely migrating over and shutting down the billing functions of the system being phased out. Individual accounts are electronically maintained and appropriate funds are applied to each business units (or facility) and to the patient account with itemized detail. This minimizes risk to cash flow and maintains accurate reporting for each business unit throughout the entire migration process.

Changes Associated with Practice Group Aggregation

If you’re planning to change your Practice Management System (PMS) due to aggregation strategies or merger activity, ReMedics can work with your team and other HIS vendors to make the conversion easier and less stressful. We can help you develop a migration strategy that cuts across all business units at the same time — or a plan that implements migration in phases by department, specialty or location.  We can also help new business units to maintain their practice group autonomy, while still reporting up to a corporate account. We make it happen every day.  

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